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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GoodOnYa Bar Review and Giveaway!

So do any of you out there what to eat healthier? If you're like me of course you do! But also if you are like me you have about a million excuses as to why you don't. My list includes: it takes too much time, it doesn't taste good, and I have no clue what all the different labels mean anyways so who even know if I'm eating healthy! But then I tried the GoodOnYa bars and fell in love! First they are made by a certificated nutritionist so she knows what she is talking about. Second, and most important they taste good! I got a Breakfast Bar, Peanut Butter Honey, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. My personal favorite was the Breakfast Bar but they were all amazing! Now here's the important part. You might look at these bars and see how much fat they have in them and freak out. But don't! What's different about these bars is they use natural ingredients. When you use natural ingredients it's the good fat going into your body. Some companies chose to make things low-fat or non-fat. The problem? They put in TONS of sugars! So it might taste good but guess what? It's still gonna make you fat! So what's in the bars matter!! This quote is long but it really sums everything up! This is by Kristen Buchanan who is the founder of the GoodOnYa bar. As I mentioned before she is also certified nutritionist, a café owner and an Olympic athlete. "So when a person at my café tells me to take off the avocado from their sandwich I tell them that avocados are from nature. It's the GOOD fat, it's a fruit with a TON of fiber and it's the richest source of Glutathione you can eat. And when they say our bars have too much fat I ask them if they think almonds are healthy. "Sure" they say, "everyone knows that". Well, a cup of almonds has 47g of fat. If someone looked at the white nutritional panel they would never touch an almond again. That is how we were trained. Check those #'s and get on the treadmill!!!! It just doesn't make any sense. People won't eat an avocado but they will get Fat Free Baked Lays Potato Chips. The low fat diet is dangerous on many levels. Your brain is 2/3 fat! Every cell in your body is wrapped in saturated fat and holds the crucial receptors in place. A low fat diet literally is killing us at the cellular level. Our brains evolved from eating omeag 3's and 6's. Those are FATS! It's the carbs that cause us to gain weight. It's the carbs that cause us lose control of our insulin (diabetes) and it's the carbs that cause stress in our bodies. I promise you I am not anti-carb, I am a "real foodist". Fruit and veggies are carbs. Even some properly prepared grains are ok in moderation. But instead of promoting a dogmatic diet, we try and promote real food. If you are going to eat meat then make sure it's from a great source. Like the 1/4 of a cow I bought from a local farmer last year. Like the raw milk that comes direct from a local farmer that feeds his cows ONLY grass (their natural diet). Organic, ancient grains. Organic fruit and veggies, local if possible. Is organic important? Well, we DID evolved on organic food!!!! But now b/c of what they have done to our food that we needed to create a system to identify food that wasn't sprayed, radiated, and injected with chemical colorings or preservatives. Is the organic food system perfect? Far from it, but it's all we got and we can only do our best."
Want even more information?? Check out their website here: Also if you order from this blog post you can get FREE SHIPPING on any size order excluding the sample pack. Please keep in mind they can only ship to the US right now! The free shipping code is Heather Also GoodonYa has offered a giveaway for my readers! You will get a sample pack of 3 bars one of each flavor worth 10 dollars! Enter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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